Blue Tech Port

Location Barcelona (Spain)
Client World Trade Centre Barcelona
Area 20.100 m²
Year 2024
Status Project in progress
Typology Facilities, Workplaces
Visuals b720
Team Fermín Vázquez, Peco Mulet, Albert Freixes, Eduardo Palao, Luis Bellera, Alejandra Armada, Carlos Ballesteros, André Coelho, Yingxin Du, Ona Harster, Marc Morillas, Carlos Maristany, Olaf Puente, Sira Rivero

The new Port of Barcelona Hub, Blue Tech Port (BTP), located in a strategic position between the city limits, the Port and Montjuïc mountain, will become a new connecting element between the city, the Port and the future expansion of the Moll de la Fusta.

The intervention enhances the volume and unique structure of the existing building, preserving the identity of the port environment and at the same time seeking a new, avant-garde and technological image.  A new volume that juts out from the existing roof floats above the warehouses, turning it into an urban landmark and establishing a new dialogue of contrasts between heritage conservation and contemporary interventions.

The BTP building will become a reference point for the city’s blue economy, a destination in itself, contemplating design decisions that position it as a new sustainable model for the rehabilitation of industrial buildings. A system of heterogeneous and flexible workspaces is structured through a sequence of horizontally interconnected interior plazas, giving each one a unique character that favours orientation and the entry of natural light and ventilation. The upper level is connected through surgical cuts made to the roof that allow circulation and permeability, guaranteeing accessibility throughout the building, as well as easy maintenance of the roof.

The architectural proposal includes energy saving measures and the use of sustainable materials, optimising natural lighting, ventilation and water management to achieve a zero CO₂ emission building, through the installation of solar panels, cogeneration systems and responsible rainwater management.