Fermín Vázquez, special guest at Nebrija University: “We have to stop and think about what is necessary and inevitable in architecture”.

Last Thursday 27 January, Fermín Vázquez was invited as a guest speaker at the official opening lecture of the second semester. This conference is part of the organisation of talks by leading professionals directed by Fernando Moral, director of the Department of Architecture at Nebrija University, framed in the V Centenary of the Death of Antonio de Nebrija, to celebrate the University’s entry into the New European Bauhaus, “a project of cultural order based on a solid continental tradition”.

Vázquez explained some of the projects carried out in the studio over the years with a critical and sincere intention, describing them anecdotally.
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“Nos tenemos que parar a pensar en qué es lo necesario y lo inevitable en arquitectura”