Agbar Tower

Barcelona (España)
AGBAR Societat General d'Aigües de Barcelona, S.A.
Gross Area
50.906 m²
Ateliers Jean Nouvel


The Agbar Tower is a small skyscraper of 35 floors and 142 meters in height. Its shape emulates a water-jet under constant and stabilized pressure, an ideal image for the corporate headquarters of a water company.
The building responds to a model of core and outer perimeter carrier. These two cylinders of concrete, oval plan are supported in frames of metal beans bearing forged metal undulated sheets and a layer of concrete. The eccentricity of the core organizes the plant: the space is compressed in the lobby and then expanded to create space for offices. The outer cylinder is straight until the 18th floor plant where it bends until the 26th floor. A glass dome with a metal structure tops the building. The last six floors are suspended in cantilevers.
The skin is pixelated into a plot of modules in a square grid-like pattern. On this grid the windows are placed to resemeble calligraphy. Following this framework, modules of lacquered aluminium sheet in 25 colours are placed, and a second skin of glass blends with different grades of transparency throughout the tower.