Zona Franca Housing

Barcelona (Spain)
SDIN Residencial
Total Area
39.200 m²


We start from a reflection on the existing PMU (Urban Mobility Plan), which proposes a closed and continuous block in its perimeter, with a clear emphasis on urban front towards Motors Street.
The project is conceived as a series of volumes located on a continuous podium that gives order and coherence to the whole, while generating an urban façade on its 4 fronts. The volumes are differentiated from each other by the means of materiality and character of their façades. All of them resolved through the material and construction variations steaming from the same concept and respecting the distinctive character of each of the three towers.
The façade system proposes a durable and economical skin, occupied by generous terraces to the south, maximising the views in all the dwellings and improving privacy and climatic performance. This establishes a joint sustainability strategy throughout the project’s envelope that, in turn, generates the identity and projects a contemporary, sustainable and durable image.
The towers are organised by means of a central corridor with humid zones on either side liberating the façade and allowing access to the dwellings from the most favourable point, locating the day zone in the corner and the independent night zone in the laterals. Each floor of the building can have a different configuration, responding to commercial needs and making it possible to locate the best products on the upper floors.
Looking for the best orientation and ventilation of all the VPO houses, we opted for a circulation scheme in an exterior walkway located mainly in the north façade, which frees the south façade and allows for dual aspect apartments. The footbridge becomes a meeting point for the neighbours, generating community and connecting the dwellings by means of an exterior space with natural lighting and ventilation, improving the quality and comfort of the inhabitants.