Paris (France)
BNP PARIBAS REAL ESTATE / Woodeum / SemPariSeine
Total Area
7.800 m²
Jacques Ferrier Architecture / Sensual City Studio / Civic City / Coloco / Elioth / Transitec


The renovation of the Paris flea market is part of a larger project: P(U)LCES, which reconnects Paris and the Montreuil district by deploying a global strategy aimed at meeting the objective of carbon neutrality for the city of Paris by 2025. The DNA of the P(U)LCES project is entirely linked to that of the “Puces”, the “Flea” of the Porte de Montreuil market, an intangible heritage capable of becoming a catalyst for inclusive, sustainable and dynamic urban planning for a new district on a metropolitan scale on both sides of the Boulevard Peripherique.
The project aims to keep alive the spontaneous and ephemeral spirit of the existing flea market.
The base, which houses the market, is designed to express the openness, generosity, and porosity with the public space, in continuity with the adjacent streets, with the future Place de la Porte de Montreuil and with the future greener and more peaceful peripheral boulevard. The three vegetated openings that cross the project are key to providing additional breathing and natural light to the flea market, while maintaining its open and spontaneous character.
Thanks to the reinvention of the flea market, retailers benefit from modernization of their sales space, as well as optimization of the logistics required for installation and storage. A modular system of stands has been designed to allow great flexibility in the configuration of the overall sales area, in line with the expectations and requirements of future retailers.