Diagonal Poble Nou Park

Barcelona (Spain)
Barcelona City Council. Societat Municipal Barcelona Gestió Urbanística, S.A. (BAGURSA)
Total Area
55.000 m²
Ateliers Jean Nouvel


“Poblenou Garden is composed as an architecture of stone: vaulted forms, grottos, and hypostyle halls. But the material is seen as alive, with natural and controlled variations in color, and covered in greenery. This is architecture of calmness, silence.” — Jean Nouvel
The garden is situated within four irregular city blocks, in contact with the neighbourhoods of Cerdà and Diagonal in Poblenou, Barcelona. Each block is an island surrounded by walls covered in flowering vines that veil the enclosure and orient the garden towards the Diagonal. These walls protect plantations of Peppercorn and Rosewood trees, which are organized according to a mathematical pattern that covers two thirds of the site. The tree branches are linked together overhead to form green archways and cupolas.
Each area is given distinct character by its contents: a grand circular plaza for outdoor performances; colored trees arranged in a way to frame spaces; aquatic halls enclosed by walls covered in flowers; outdoor “living rooms” with tables and chairs. In this way the park is capable of responding to its different visitors and uses.