Manchester Crown Square

Manchester (Inglaterra)
Allied London
Gross Area
1.290 m²


City – “A Green roofscape for the district”
In the heart of the Spinningfields business district, our proposal is based on providing a high, green roof, working as a lung, bringing freshness and beauty for the users and passersby at day time; and a sky to support for visual digital art at night.
Between architecture and art piece, the proposal offers a new form of perceiving the space that extends under a canopy. This natural shelter -protected from rain but sufficiently high to allow sun radiation- defines the main image of the space, a landscaping ceiling that leaves the entire floorplan of the plaza free for its ocupation with total flexibility for different events.
The existing square quiosks are arranged along the perimeter of the plaza leaving a central space for the Oast House to extend enlarging its exterior seating area.
A fresh, natural canoppy to lay underneath during day, a contemporary and virtual ceiling as the best digital background for evening life.
The canopy also evoques with its edge the volum of what the plot was meant to become. A memory to an undone building.
365 days – “A green Crown Square for every day“
Instead of a ground floor landscape strategy, we propose a SKYSCAPE strategy. The green, flowery canopy changes it’s image along the seasons, providing dinamism and bringing life to the space underneath.
At sunny days, the great height of the roof allows direct sun radiation to the ground, and the vegetation helps to create a fresher athmosphere.
At rainy days, a layer above the green will protect ground activities.
365 nights – “A virtual sky every night“
The LED installation hanging from the roof generates a giant support for interaction with the users of the plaza. Working with movement sensor system, the roof becomes an enhancer of the activity that happens underneath. Invited artists and concerts will explore the possibilities of the space.
Furniture – “Flexible, playful”
The outdoor furniture will be understood as a system. A multiple combination of few simple geometries, that can extend to cover the square at open days and shrink to be stored in the perimeter and tiers at concert and events or closed at night.
A system that, when stored, will be part of the landscape of the ground, not a simple storage.
Furniture that interact with users, may be used as a container of personal belongings or adapt to multiple functions.