Lycée français

Barcelona (España)
Lycée français de Barcelona
Total Area
3.038 m2


Before its renovation, this school complex was a disorderly series of provisional buildings built over the years around two early 20th century villas in Sarrià, a residential district of Barcelona. After a careful analysis, the proposal was to organise the complex with a new efficient, representative and impeccably functional building while maintaining and restoring one of the pre-existing villas with which it would form a couple and engage in an architectural dialogue.
The visual and programmatic relationship between these two buildings is materialised in the form of a porch that produces a covered link between them. The rounded corners of the new building evoke the volumetrics of the villas, establishing a link in formal terms without necessarily being subordinated to a historicist imitation.
The new building has four levels. In the mezzanine basement there is a partially roofed direct entrance, with a foyer outside for waiting parents and children. The classrooms take up the top three floors of the new building, while the shared uses —mediatheque, music room and administration— are concentrated in the villa.
A layer of vertical slats envelops the new building. Their position, orientation and separation provide efficient, durable shelter against the sun and excess light. The range of colours is the result of a fruitful, ongoing dialogue with the client and the desire to include colour as a characteristic, fun resource from the realm of children.