Lycée français

Barcelona (España)
Lycée français de Barcelona
Gross Area
3.038 m2


The proposal proposes to create a new building, efficient, representative and functional, and maintain one of the current (the town that is in better state of conservation), to create a set that proposes a dialogue between the historical school and the future school. A visual and programmatic relationship is established between both buildings, through a porch that allows the communication between covered and a space under which to shelter in case of rain. The formal resolution of the new building evokes by rounding its corners to the present building, establishing a formal relationship without necessarily being subordinated to a historicist imitation. The current layout of a large central courtyard and perimeter spaces is maintained.

The new building is developed on four levels. A semi-basement level that takes advantage of the current gap between patio and street, to create a direct access, partially covered access, and an external waiting buffer for parents and children, giving access internally to the new building and, externally, to the patio Central with a staircase and ramp. In the three upper levels are placed the classrooms. Each height of the building is assigned to a school level. The proposal places all classrooms in the new building, leaving in the existing building common uses such as the media library, music room and administration areas.