La Mola Hotel

Terrassa (Spain)
Layetana Inmobiliaria
Gross Area
16.917 m² + 14.011 m² urb.


The project is for the construction of a 198-room hotel with complementary services and a complex to accommodate meetings and conventions with a total surface area of some 15.000m2.
To better integrate it into the natural setting, the program is divided into four buildings: three prismatic volumes arranged around a fourth, partially below ground level, which forms the nucleus of the complex. Thus, from the exterior the viewer sees as fragmented and discontinuous a building which in reality possesses a substantial volume. The volumes that contain the bedrooms have a basement floor to house services and the hotel’s complementary activities and three stores above grade, with the rooms arranged longitudinally down the central corridor.
The conventions building has three higher stores and it contains the auditorium, multi-purpose rooms of various sizes and numerous meeting-rooms. It was decided to open up the southern facade, providing the communal and social areas with views and a good orientation. The bedrooms facing in this direction have a small balcony and a solar protection system that has been turned into a characteristic of the entire intervention: conceived as a large curtain dyed in several shades of green, it seeks to “camouflage” the buildings, mimicking vegetation.



Interview with Fermín Vázquez b720 Arquitectos. TV SERIES “COSES I CASES” (Alins Produccions)