VP Hotel Pl. España

Madrid (España)
VP Hoteles
Gross Area
17.150 m²
Under construction
Under construction


The b720 proposal for the new VP Plaza España Hotel is the result of the first prize in the competition organized by the company. Its location , on the main facade of the Plaza España in Madrid , located in the historic center of the city, makes the proposal an exceptional urban and commercial opportunity.
b720 proposes a building that, evoking historical references of traditional urban language and tectonics of the city center, seeks a contemporary, iconic image.
The project is arranged in three parts: a differentiated arcade base, a modulated intermediate, hosting the rooms, and a coronation volume including a large terrace with a swimming pool. With 250 rooms, various activities in the first levels like restaurant, spa and meeting facilities, the VP Plaza España Hotel will offer an innovative but also integrated new building.