Itaim Tower

São Paulo (Brasil)
ERC / GR / Huma
Total Area
11.910 m²


This apartment block is in São Paulo’s Itaim Bibi district, an area undergoing a profound transformation from the traditional horizontal spread of single-family homes to high-rise buildings that satisfy the growing demand for accommodation by the prosperous upper-middle class of the country’s financial capital.
The 25-storey building contains 123 small apartments with large individual terraces. The project seeks to maximize the slenderness of the construction and stand out as a “good mannered singularity” —without gratuitous stridency— from São Paulo’s monotonous sea of nondescript skyscrapers.
Each floor is articulated by two parallel corridors and a central communication core. The main voids in the apartments face north and south, with deep balconies to prevent overheating caused by the sun. The east and west walls —the most exposed directions in São Paulo’s climate— are predominantly opaque and sheltered by a ventilated wall composed of large-format glazed tiles.
The building is a tall tower in which the different units can be identified by the colour and grid that pattern its image. On the top floors, the prolongation of the central core and a few larger apartments complete the building in a staggered way, merging with the city skyline and generating spacious terraces where unbeatable views of the metropolis can be enjoyed.



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