City of Justice

Barcelona (Spain)
GISA + Departament de Justicia
Gross Area
232.369 m²
David Chipperfield Architects


The project centralizes most of the justice departments of Barcelona and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, which are currently scattered in 17 buildings causing a number of functional problems for both users and employees.
The most significant proposal of the project is to fragment an ambitious program – a total area of 241,519.92 m2 built – in a series of separate but interconnected buildings that are available on a space with intentions of public square. The proposal seeks to balance the relations between different work areas, public spaces and landscape. Four of the buildings are clustered in the atrium for courts; the other five buildings, to a certain extent autonomous, are assigned to auxiliary and complementary uses of judicial activity. The buildings are grid blocks, with bearing walls of reinforced and colored concrete, each with a different color. The atrium is the main public space of the complex and acts as a street filter for distribution and access to court premises.